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Staff Picks

Here at the Adult Video Warehouse we are passionate about our products. Our staff takes time and interest in the products we carry and so we give you our personal favorites. See our list below if you would like to be guided and steered towards some of the staff’s personal favorites.

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Sex Toys Broward County, FL


We’re a great place to pick up bachelorette party favors. We have a ton of fun stuff to really make your friend’s last night out with the girls memorable. Not only does Adult Video Warehouse have all of the fun sashes, invitations, and penis straws you could ever want, but we even have fun bachelorette party games designed to make even your most seasoned friend blush. We have tons of great stuff you won’t find at your neighborhood party store ;)

Sexy Lingerie Broward County, FL


My friends and I are really into the fetish fantasy bed restraint system. It works even if you don’t have bed posts! The fantasy restraint gift set is my recommendation for a nice sampling of bondage items (and makes a great gift for the BF ;). If bondage is a new thing for you and your partner, start off small with a fun pair of love cuffs!

Adult Movies Broward County, FL


A “big” seller is our Clone A Willy. It’s perfect for guys who want to get their girl a gift that really shows them they care. FYI: they come in glow in the dark colors.

Sexy Lingerie Palm Beach County, FL


I love my latest neon pink dress and matching thong purchase. Not only is it technically sexy lingerie, but it also doubles as a perfect South Beach club dress. Just pair it with a hot pair of platforms & you’re good to go!

Sexy Lingerie Pompano Beach, FL


My favorite sex toys are vibrators, hands down. They pretty much guarantee a good night for me. A more adventurous pick my boyfriend and I recently tried is the body swing. It’s a lot of fun without all the fuss of your classic swing set-up. Try it out!

Adult Movies Pompano Beach, FL


I’m an old fashioned guy who just likes to get down with adult movies WHEN my girlfriend is not around. Not only do I have my own impressive collection, but it’s fun to rent new titles to mix it up.